Updated: November 06, 2018
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5 Selected Shops where You Can Enjoy Sublime Green Tea and Matcha Desserts in Osaka

Osaka City

Green tea and matcha are quite emblematic of Japan. You can enjoy delicious green tea everywhere, and nowadays desserts using the exquisite matcha powder have grown in popularity. Here are some great places in Osaka where you can enjoy refined Japanese green tea desserts!

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Uge En Kissako Shinsabashi

With a history that dates back to the early Meiji period, Uge En has been a reputable name for a very long time! It is located at a 3 minute walk from the Shinsaibashi Station. The tea used here is of superior quality. You will surely notice a subtle difference when you try what's on their menu! You can have the very popular Matcha Parfait for 880 yen (shown below). It has mochi balls and azuki sweet beans inside so you will get a true taste of Japanese traditional sweets. Or, we recommend the matcha tiramisu shown above that comes with a matcha green tea if you take it as a set. Various sets are available for around 1200 to 1500 yen.

Kura Cafe Yanozen 蔵カフェ矢野善

This nice store also has excellent matcha desserts and teas! It's interior is quite nice too. People say that they feel thrown back in the Edo period when they walk in. They have an excellent matcha kakigori (picture below) that has a pronounced matcha taste. Their matcha parfait shown above is out of this world! It has toppings of delicious matcha jelly, matcha cake, azuki sweet beans and mochi! Another great serving best enoyed while drinking one of their delicious green teas. Prices for dessert are about 800 too 1000 yen.

Marufuji Cafe

This famous store is located at a 4 minute walk from the Tennoji Station. This is near the Abeno Harukas, a touristic area, so after visiting there why not go to Marufuji Cafe. Above all, this place has amazing pancakes! These pancakes are truly Japanese as they are made from domestic ingredients only which include rice flour, soy milk and of course matcha green tea. It might also be interesting for you to try their mix of savory and sweet dangos (japanese dumplings). You'll get a matcha one in the sweets set and you'll get some Kansai-flavored ones in the savory set.

Amato Maeda 甘党まえだ

Amato Maeda is located at a 4 minute walk from the Namba Station. It has made its reputation largely on its matcha sweets. They are very particular about the ingredients they use, and they even make their own mochi! Their prices are very reasonable. You can get a matcha ice cream from 300 yen. All their desserts are well presented and very good. Their skewered dumplings in a sweet soy glaze (shown below) are hugely popular. These go extremely well with a tasty cup of matcha tea!

Charyo Chimoto

This is another great cafe featuring Japanese style sweets! It is conveniently located at a 2 minute walk from the Umeda Station. The shop has a simple, traditional-style atmosphere. We recommend here the matcha kakigori topped with vanilla ice cream. The sweetness of the ice cream and the bitterness of the dark green matcha make a perfect match! At the bottom of the dish there are some sweet azuki beans. This makes for a perfect Japanese-style dessert! While you are here you can enjoy a variety of mid-after noon light meals served with delicious green tea. Try the popular rice cake with kinako set shown bellow and you shouldn't be disappointed. Expect to pay less than 1000 yen for your orders here.


Green tea desserts are so delicious and tend to be healthier than most Western desserts. You should definitely try them if you haven't! Hope you will enjoy discovering these great green tea and Japanese dessert cafes in Osaka!

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