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Made In Japan: Regular Menu In English And Best Seasonal Starbucks Drinks

If you'd like to know which items are popular at Starbucks Japan, please check out this article! It contains the standard and special frappuccino drink items in English! Frappuccinos in Japan are quite bold and interesting! Plenty of pictures included!

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Regular Menu Of Starbucks Japan - Popular Items

Starbucks Japan is an independent company and has its own standard menu items which may be different from the ones you find in other countries. Here are some popular menu items with the price ranges for each item which depends on the size. So the small size is the smallest price and the largest size will cost you the highest price. There are two other sizes of drink in the middle for which the prices are not included.

Matcha Tea Latte (¥390 - ¥510)

Matcha Tea Latte
You're in Japan so you'd better try their matcha latte! It has a good balance of sweetness and bitterness that comes from the selected matcha powder, which gives it quite a deep and interesting taste. So make sure to try it at least once. Matcha gives a smooth and gradual boost of energy, so you won't have that instant coffee rush.

Starbucks Latte (¥330 - ¥450)

Just the classic latte. You can now also get it in soy latte version.

Espresso With Whipped Cream (¥300 - ¥340)

This one is called the Espresso Con Panna. It has rich whipped cream topped on it that almost tastes like caramel because it's so sweet. You also taste some nutty notes in the rather acidic, strong espresso coffee. This is a good drink if you want a good dose of caffeine, sugar and cream!

Caramel Frappuccino (¥470 - ¥550)

Caramel Frappucino
In Japan, people enjoy drinking cold coffee beverages the most. The caramel frappuccino is a popular choice for the summer season. The slush-like beverage is topped with Starbucks signature whipped cream swirl on which a rich caramel syrup is poured.

Take Out Origami Series ¥670

Origami Series: Caffe Verona, Pike Place, and Lightnote Blend.
This is only found in Japan. You can by 4 different kinds of coffee beans that come in their own origami style filter. They're fairly cheap. You get 6 bags of 9g for ¥670.

Special Seasonal Drinks

These are the special seasonal drinks that appear on Starbucks Japan's menu. They may come back from year to year. Sometimes, the ingredients in the drink are slightly changed.


Sakura Blossom Cream Frappuccino

Starbucks Japan really put effort into this drink, as sakura is a significant symbol of Japanese culture. This the "Sakura Blossom Cream Frappuccino and Latte," which is made from sakura petals and leaves, condensed milk and some sweet maple syrup.

This drink is usually sold from mid-February until mid-March.

American Cherry Pie Frappuccino

American Cherry Pie Frappuccino
The "American Cherry Pie Frappuccino" is the seasonal drink that Starbucks sells right now, which is a drink with an actual pie on top! There is whipped cream inside the pie, and when you eat/drink the pie with compost cherry and the frozen drink, you will feel like you are eating an actual American cherry pie at a diner!

This drink is only sold from 4/13 to 5/16,so you better hurry to a nearby Starbucks before the drink gets sold out!


"Chocolate Cake Topped Frappuccino with Matcha Shot"

What made this frappuccino special was the chocolate cake on the top, as the name "Chocolate Cake Topped Frappuccino with Matcha Shot" suggests.

The cake itself was thick and a bit crunchy, which made the texture really nice. You could break the cake easily with your spoon or straw, then you could enjoy the great combination of matcha frappuccino and the cake.

This drink was only sold from 6/1 to 7/13.

Cherry and Chocolate Chip Frappuccino

To make this delicious treat, Starbucks filled every cup with plenty of dark cherry compote made from high-grade fruits. This frappuccino had a great summer-like fruity taste! The chocolate chips accentuated the texture of the drink.

This drink was available from 7/24-8/20.

Key Lime Cream and Yogurt Frappuccino!

This frappucino menu consisted of refreshing lime flavored custard cream and yogurt that are well balanced.

You could taste the rich, creamy and smooth texture of yogurt as well as lime custard sauce that had plenty of yolk with fresh key lime juice and lime peels, which made it luscious.

It might sound creamy, but lime and yogurt's sweet-sour taste made this drink unimaginably refreshing. What's more exciting is that you get to have a satisfying, unique, refreshing and creamy experience all at once!

This drink was available from 7/14-8/31

Shaken Watermelon & Passion Tea

This vivid red looking passion tea was a caffeine-free herbal tea that consisted of hibiscus, papaya, mango and lemongrass all blended together, which added a distinct sourness.

Just the passion tea alone sounds already amazing, but of course, Starbucks went beyond that by adding watermelon juice with a slice of freeze-dried lime!

This drink was sold from 7/28-8/31

Baked Cheesecake Frappucino

Baked Cheesecake Frappuccino
Baked Cheesecake Frappuccino is just like the cheesecake dessert that you eat! With graham cookies that taste just like the crust in a cake and the rich, creamy taste of cheesecake, you will be surprised with how accurate the taste is!

This drink can be enjoyed during the beginning of summer season around June!

S'more Frappuccino with Crispy Marshmallow

Normally Starbucks uses a milk base to make their frappuccinos, but this drink didn't. Instead, it consisted of cocoa powder and syrup blended together with ice, which created a sorbet-like texture. You could enjoy the aroma of the cacao as well, as its slight bitterness.

It was also topped with freeze-dried crispy marshmallows, baked chocolate and crushed biscuits which gave three different textures and flavors.

The drink was available from 8/10-8/31.

Coffee Jelly And Creamy Vanilla Frappuccino

Coffee Jelly and Creamy Vanilla Frappuccino
This drink is made with roast espresso and uses the Starbucks'signature coffee beans to make the coffee jelly and the frozen coffee drink. You can enjoy the harmony between the bitter taste of coffee and the sweet taste of custard vanilla cream!

This drink is usually sold in the summer, around July and August.


Grapy Grape & Tea Jelly Frappuccino

The Grapy Grape & Tea Jelly Frappuccino® offered a fruit-infused jelly tea as the name suggests. Jam-packed with flavoured jelly and plenty of fresh fruit pulp this beautifully red and purple beverage was sure to please any sweet tooth. It combined juices from red grapes, cranberries, peach, and strawberries.

This drink was available from 9/01-10/01

Hojicha Cream Frappuccino With Caramel Sauce

The houjicha was made by roasting 5 different types of tea leaves. This original method for making the tea gave it its unique taste. This houjicha cream frappuccino was made with caramel sauce and could be enjoyed as a milky dessert. To add to the delicious flavor of the tea, there was some sweet white mocha and whipped cream, caramel, and crunchy sugar as a topping.

The drink was available from 9/15-10/01

Almond Milk & Granola

Almond Milk & Granola Frappuccino

This drink was made from almond milk, decaf iced coffee, almond sauce, orange powder, and granola with chocolate chips. The flavor of the nutty almond milk and coffee blended together so well. The granola even enhanced the flavor, and it also added a nice crunchy texture.
Nutty Almond Milk Latte

The Starbucks espresso was well-balanced with almond milk. It was creamier and had a nuttier flavor than the regular latte. It was topped with the crunchy "almond oats sugar" and orange peels which added a kick to the drink. It was available both hot and iced.

The drinks were available from 10/02-10/31

Raspberry White Moka & Raspberry White Chocolate Frappuccino

The raspberry white moka drink was an espresso drink which had a nice balance of sweetness. It was topped with white chocolate and raspberry-flavored meringue!

The raspberry white chocolate frappuccino had a cream-base, the white color reminded of Christmas, and it had a lovely raspberry swirl.

The drink was available from 11/01-11/21.


Ginger Bread Latte

This winter, as anticipated, the gingerbread latte is available again!
The long-loved gingerbread hot drink is available only until Christmas. This drink with syrup is made to remind you of delicious gingerbread cookies, it is also made with espresso, steamed milk, whipped cream and nutmeg as a topping. This drink is especially popular and its seasonal spices will warm your body and your heart.

The drink is available from 11/01-12-25.

Matcha White Chocolate Frappucino

During last year's Christmas season, Starbucks made a new seasonal drink: "Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino.
The green color of matcha is like a Christmas tree and the white chocolate is like snow. The bitter green tea and the sweet creamy white chocolate matches very well!

This drink was only sold from 12/14~12/25, so it is a drink that can only be ordered during Christmas season!

Valentine Chocoholic Frappuccino

This year, as their special Valentine's limited-time frappuccino, Starbucks Japan is going all out with the sugar. The theme, as they put it, is "sweet rewards". The base taste is chocolate, mix in with that some caramel, white Moka chocolate, and as a topping, the whipped cream with some chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. This is sweet (even by Starbuck's standards) and so chocolaty. Available from January 24 to February 14, 2018.


Were you surprised with these creative, artistic and delicious-looking Starbucks items? I would definitely recommend to you to visit a Starbucks in Japan when you are visiting to try out their seasonal frappuccinos!
I love eating good food and discovering new places to eat. I hope to share with all of you some of the places that I recommend!

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