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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Onigiri In Tokyo!

In Japan the "onigiri", or rice balls, is often made at home as part of a meal, and it can also be found practically everywhere from convenience stores, to super markets, to bento stores. It's truly a Japanese soul food that nearly every Japanese loves. Although is is found everywhere, some shops really stand out as making extremely delicious and special ones. Here are the places you should try if you would like to discover, or rediscover the onigiri!

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Located in a back street in Asakusa is a quaint, stylish restaurant called 'MISOJYU' that specializes in homemade onigiri and hearty Japanese soups. They put a strong focus on the quality of the ingredients used, serving incredibly delicious versions of Japanese home cooking.

Nothing beats mom's home cooking, right? That's what I thought before I tried the food at MISOJYU in Asakusa. Oh my goodness! The dishes served are simple (various miso soups and onigiri) but unbelievably tasty! It's Japanese home cooking taken to the next level. If you're in Asakusa and searching for a delicious, cheap, and healthy meal, you've got to check out MISOJYU.


Bongo is located in Toshima-ku, at a 3 minute walk from the Otsuka Station. You can have your onigiri for take-out or eat it at the shop at a counter seat. At Bongo, you order your onigiri as you would order sushi in a fancy restaurant. The onigiri is made right before your eyes using warm rice. It is then wrapped in a delicious crispy nori, and unlike most onigiri it is barely squeezed to make its form. This makes it particularly soft and delectable! This place is famed for using more fillings and less rice than other places. So you get more flavor of the filling you chose in every bite. Their onigiri is also much larger than average. Bongo is possibly the most well rated onigiri shop in Tokyo. Prices for one onigiri is approximately 300 yen. A must-go!

Onigiri Asakusa Yadoroku

Onigiri Asakusa is located at about a 10 minute walk from the Asakusa Station. It is the oldest Onigiri shop in Tokyo, having opened in 1954! And it is also one of the most praised. They carefully select their rice from accross Japan, choosing the top grade rice from various regions depending on the season. They use exclusively the Edo-mae seaweed, which is famous for having a rich flavor. Fillings are also chosen in various locations of Japan, and they also feature seasonal specialties! This place has a traditional Japanese atmosphere and a mix of table and counter seats. Aside from making their amazing onigiris, it is also a store specializing in Japanese teas, so you can enjoy a great tasting tea with the onigiri you order. Onigiri sets are available from 660 to 900 yen.


Risaku is a cafe-style shop specializing in onigiri located at a 2 minute walk from the Sendagi Station. You can choose from 28 different types of onigiri. This shop is open from the morning so you can also have traditional Japanese breakfast-style sets. The shop plays bossa nova music which goes really well with the area's atmosphere and makes for a relaxing experience. For 500 yen, you can get a set that includes 2 onigiris and a delicious miso soup. High quality onigiris, great service and a nice atmosphere makes this place one of the best in Tokyo!

Onigiri no Sankaku Yama

Sankaku Yama specializes in lunch boxes and onigiri. It is located at a 3 minute walk from the Ogikubo Station. You can have a very filling set that is served with 2 onigiris, a miso soup, pickles and vegetables, grilled fish or various other main dishes (karaage, meat patty) for about 800 yen! This is an extremely popular local small shop with great onigiri, lunch boxes and set meals!

Onigiriya Marutoyo

Marutoya is located in the the very popular sight-seeing area of Tsukiji. It is at a 3 minute walk from the Tsukiji Station. Being in the famous fish-market, you can be sure that the fillings here are of incomparable freshness! This shop is take-out only but the prices of their onigiris are simply unbelievable for the quality. You get large, home-made style onigiris from 110 to 229 yen! This is the perfect quick-eat to have while you are visiting the fish market. Be sure to get there before its closing time of 15:00.


Onigiri is perhaps the ultimate Japanese soul food. It is simple yet so delicious. It's always cheap and there is an amazing amount of fillings and variations of it to try. Don't miss out on Tokyo's best onigiris and try some of the shops mentioned above!

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