Updated: September 24, 2019
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What's Nagoya Cochin and Where To Eat?


'Nagoya Cochin' is a special Japanese chicken breed that is prized for its delicious eggs and meat. You can find restaurants that serve Nagoya Cochin around Japan, but the city of Nagoya is definitely the best place to get it! This article will introduce Nagoya Cochin, as well as some of the best restaurants that serve it!

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Nagoya Cochin (名古屋コーチン)

Nagoya Cochin one of the most famous chicken breeds in Japan. The birds have been raised in the Nagoya area of Aichi prefecture for around 150 years.

Compared with a normal chicken, the Nagoya Cochin has more red meat, has a nice, chewy texture. People often say that the dark chicken meat is a bit smelly, but the fatty dark meat of Nagoya Cochin has a rich and flavorful scent that isn't at all unpleasant. It can be cooked in various of ways such as sashimi (raw!), yakitori (grilled chicken on a stick), made into hotpot, or cooked as oyakodon (chicken and eggs rice bowl). One local Nagoya specialty is called Hikizuri, and features the chicken cooked sukiyaki style(a type of Japanese hotpot that usually uses beef).

The eggs are also prized for their rich and creamy yolks, which are preferred by chefs and pastry chefs. The color of a Nagoya Cochin egg yolk is a much deeper orange color than most other eggs.

If you've never tried Nagoya Cochin meat or eggs, add it to your to-try list while in Nagoya. Here are some selected restaurants in Nagoya where you can enjoy delicious cooking that features Nagoya Cochin:

Kululu (樞 くるる)

Kululu is a restaurant located just 5 minutes away from Nagoya station that specializes in Nagoya Cochin dishes. The interior of the restaurant is decorated in a traditional Japanese style that creates amazing atmosphere. A couple of the dishes that shouldn't be missed include:
Hikizuri (1890 yen)
As mentioned above, this is a Nagoya specialty hot pot-style dish made of a sweet and savory soup with ingredients like vegetables, tofu, and Nagoya Cochin.
Nagoya cochin sashimi (1520 yen)
This plate features three parts of the chicken: the thigh meat, the liver, and the gizzard. The cuts of meat are lightly grilled on the surface, but raw on the inside allowing you to enjoy the fresh and unique taste and texture.

Ichio (一鳳)

Ichio has a long history of serving delicious Nagoya cochin dishes. Located 3 minutes walk from Kaneyama station, the restaurant has a wonderful traditional atmosphere that adds to the dining experience. At dinner time, the restaurant serves beautiful course meals that are a bit pricier but well worth it. Otherwise, lunch items are quite reasonable. Here are some of the recommended items:
Oyakodon (1500 yen for lunchtime).
The most popular menu item. Oyakodon is a rice bowl covered with chicken and scrambled eggs. The meat is beautifully tender and the eggs are fluffy and creamy.
Tebasaki (fried chicken wings), another one of Nagoya's specialties. This is usually a food that's enjoyed with a drink at an Izakaya, but the tebasaki at Ichio are elevated to the next level, with absolutely delicious and crunchy skin.

Senkame (千亀)

Senkame is an extremely popular yakitori restaurant located near Nagoya's Sakae Station. The restaurant is regarded as one of the top yakitori places in Nagoya, and the quality of the skewers is outstanding! Try the chochin and tsukune, as well as the standard negima skewers. The juiciness and tenderness of the chicken will blow you away. The prices are slightly expensive for yakitori but well worth it! expect to pay between 4 and 5,000 yen for a meal.


Don't miss the famous and tasty Nagoya cochin dishes when you come to Nagoya!
Also, check other local cuisine of Nagoya from the link below.

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