Updated: May 12, 2018
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8 Recommended Places to Try Yakitori in Osaka!

Osaka City

Yakitori is a very popular cuisine in Japan, and it is beloved by all ages. It is commonly eaten at a casual restaurants or Izakaya, and there are also numbers of Yakitori chains in Japan. Check the following places out!

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Akiyoshi (Umeda Branch)

Just a minute walk from Subway Higashi Umeda station, you will find an energetic Yakitori restaurant. It is one of Yakitori chains in Japan, but you cannot underestimate its quality. The restaurant has two floors, so a lot of people can fit, so you can go as a big group too. They also have Kushikatsu (Osaka's soul food, deep fried pork called katsu on skewers) on their menu. People generally spend ¥3,000~5,000.


Ayamuya stays true to its traditional Yakitori taste, and that's why they are recognized as Michelin-Starred-one-of-the-best-Yakitori-restaurants in Osaka! Located just a minute walk from Shin Fukushima station, you get to have an authentic Yakitori experience here. They have Yakitori set where you can enjoy 8 different Yakitori (¥2,100), and they also have sashimi too (¥700~1600)! People generally spend ¥4,000~6,000. Since it is very popular, making reservation beforehand is strongly recommended!

Enya (Namba Branch)

Just a 4 minute walk from Namba station, this place offers a variety of delicious Yakitori menu! Of course they have standard menu like Negima (chicken with green onion) and Nankotsu (soft chicken bone) but they also have Gyu-tan (beef tongue), Pork belly, sausages, avocado, garlic, mozzarella cheese, and more! People generally spend ¥2,000~4,000.

Enza (Nishi Tenman Branch)

Enza is established in 1922, and ever since then they have been serving creative Yakitori menus! Their "Omakase Course" is what you should order here, because they will serve you their delicious Yakitori until you're full and you want to stop. If you are looking for a little luxurious and exclusive Yakitori experience, this is where you should go! Around a 5 minute walk from No.6 exit of Oebashi station. People generally spend ¥6,000~8,000 here.


Located in just a 4 minute walk distance from Kitashinchi station, Ichimatsu also offers creative Yakitori menus! Its atmosphere is relaxing and classy, and their Yakitori has somewhat luxurious, but has solid umami. They serve Yakitori courses for ¥6,500.
If you are looking for a classy yet authentic Yakitori dinner, you should definitely check this place out. Making reservation is strongly recommended. People generally spend ¥6,000~8,000 here.


If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy Yakitori, Vegetables and some sake, Kawaguchi is where you go. Just a 5 minute walk from Shinsaibashi station, you can have a satisfying experience here! If you sit on a counter seat, you can see the chef cooking Yakitori too. Its atmosphere is chilling and relaxing, which makes you want to stay there forever. Making reservation is highly recommended! People generally spend ¥5,000~6,000.

Kuruma (Shinsaibashi Branch)

Less than a minute walk from Shinsaibashi station, this place offers chicken cuisines using chickens from Miyazaki prefecture! Miyazaki is really famous for its locally produced chickens, and here you can enjoy the true Miyaki taste. Aside from their Yakitori menu which is available around ¥180~230, they also have a variety of chicken cuisines. If you are looking for casual Yakitori experience, definitely check it out! People generally spend less than ¥1,000 for lunch and around ¥4,000~5,000 for dinner.


Tori img 05 https://www.torikizoku.co.jp/
Torikizoku is probably the most famous and popular Yakitori chains in Japan! First established in Osaka, this place offers all Yakitori menu for just ¥280! Check the link below for more information on Torikizoku.


Yakitori can be eaten in both casual and luxurious restaurants. There are so many places to try authentic to original, creative Yakitori in Osaka, so check them out! We hope you found your favorite Yakitori restaurants!
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