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8 Recommended Places to Try Yakitori in Osaka!

Osaka City

Yakitori is a very popular cuisine in Japan, and it is beloved by everyone! Osaka is famous for its amazing soul food, and yakitori definitely falls in this category. From incredibly cheap to high-end restaurants, we got the whole range covered in terms of yakitori in Osaka. Please be sure to check out these following places in Osaka!

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Akiyoshi (Umeda Branch)

Just a minute walk from Subway Higashi Umeda station, you will find a lively Yakitori restaurant. Although it is a yakitori chain, it has surprisingly good quality! Akiyoshi yakitori has two floors and it is quite spacious, so you can go as a big group too. They also have Kushikatsu, Osaka's soul food, deep fried pork called katsu on skewers. Be sure to try Osaka's soul food, as well as some delicious yakitori. People generally spend ¥3,000~5,000.


Ayamuya stays true to its traditional Yakitori taste, and that's why they are recognized as Michelin-Starred-one-of-the-best-Yakitori-restaurants in Osaka! Located just a minute walk from Shin Fukushima station, you get to have an authentic Yakitori experience here. They have Yakitori sets where you can enjoy 8 different types of yakitori (¥2,100), and they also serve sashimi (¥700~1600)! People generally spend ¥4,000~6,000. Since this yakitori restaurant is highly popular in Osaka, making a reservation beforehand is strongly recommended!

Enya (Namba Branch)

Just a 4-minute walk from Osaka's famous Namba station, this place offers a variety of delicious Yakitori menu items! Of course, they have your classic yakitori dishes, such as Negima (chicken with green onion) and Nankotsu (soft chicken bone), but they also have Gyu-tan (beef tongue), pork belly, sausages, avocado, garlic, mozzarella cheese, and more! People generally spend ¥2,000~4,000.

Enza (Nishi Tenman Branch)

Enza was established in 1922 in Osaka, and ever since, they have been serving creative Yakitori dishes! Their "Omakase Course" is what you should order here because they will serve you their delicious Yakitori until you're more than full! If you are looking for a little more luxurious and exclusive Yakitori experience in Osaka, this is where you should go! Around a 5 minute walk from the No.6 exit of Oebashi Station. People generally spend ¥6,000~8,000 here.


Located just a 4-minute walk from Kitashinchi station, Ichimatsu also offers creative Yakitori dishes! You'll definitely be impressed by this local Osaka resto. Its atmosphere is relaxing and classy, and their Yakitori is somewhat luxurious with a deep umami. They serve Yakitori courses for ¥6,500.
If you are looking for a classy yet authentic Yakitori dinner in Osaka, you should definitely check this place out. Making reservation is strongly recommended. People generally spend ¥6,000~8,000 here.


If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy Yakitori, vegetables and some sake, Kawaguchi is where to go in Osaka. Just a 5-minute walk from Shinsaibashi station, you can have a satisfying experience here! If you sit at the counter, you can see the chef cooking Yakitori too. Its atmosphere is relaxing, which will make you want to move to Osaka to come have their amazing yakitori every night!. Making a reservation is highly recommended! People generally spend ¥5,000~6,000.

Kuruma (Shinsaibashi Branch)

Less than a minute walk from Shinsaibashi station, this place offers chicken cuisine using chicken from Miyazaki prefecture! Miyazaki is really famous for its locally produced chickens, and here you can enjoy the true Miyazaki taste. Aside from their Yakitori menu items which are available around ¥180~230, they also have a variety of chicken dishes. If you are looking for a casual Yakitori experience in Osaka, definitely check it out! People generally spend less than ¥1,000 for lunch and around ¥4,000~5,000 for dinner.


Tori img 05 https://www.torikizoku.co.jp/
Torikizoku is probably the most famous and popular Yakitori chain, not only in Osaka, but in Japan! First established in Osaka, this place offers all Yakitori menu items for just ¥280! Check the link below for more information on Torikizoku. It's delicious and super cheap! So if you spent a little too much on shopping while wandering the streets of Osaka, you can always have a tasty and cheap dinner at Torizoku.

Have an amazing yakitori experience Osaka!

Yakitori can be eaten in both casual and luxurious restaurants. There are so many places to try authentic to original, creative Yakitori in Osaka, so check them out! We hope you found your favorite Yakitori restaurants!

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