Updated: November 06, 2018
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One of the Places You Must Visit in Your Lifetime: The Zao Fox Village in Miyagi

Animal lovers, this is your dream come true. Can you imagine walking in a village where foxes roam free? You can take pictures with them and even touch them if you want. If you spend the day at the Zao fox village, please find below the information on how to get there, and where to eat around the village to have the most magical day!

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The Zao Fox Village

In this park, you can take pictures with foxes, and you can even hold a baby fox in your arms.
There is an area to feed them from an elevated area.
You can walk into the wild area and the foxes roam around freely around you. But of course, they are wild animals, so you have to stay careful.
There are all different types of foxes to see, so it makes for a very interesting experience.
There are also different animals to play with, such as rabbits, goats, donkeys, etc.
It is really worth going if you're an animal lover!

Below is a list of restaurants to try in the area!
On their website, they talk about the separation process that occurs between the cub and the parent. After the mating season, cubs are born through April to May. The cubs are brought up with a lot of love and affection, until the parting ritual takes place, usually at the end of August. During that period, cubs are chased away by their parent so that they can explore the world on their own.

How to get to the fox village

From Tokyo:
-You can take the shinkansen from Tokyo station to Shiroishizao station directly. It takes 109 minutes with the Yamabiko 145. Without the JR Pass, it costs around 10,000 YEN one-way.

-You can also take a bus, it takes about 6 hours to Shiroishi station and costs between 3,000-5,000 YEN. It's definitely cheaper than the train, but takes much more time. So it's up to you to see which you want to save on, time or money. From Shiroishi station, you can take a local train.

-Driving there, takes about 5 hour from Tokyo.

You can either take the Castle Kun bus or the Yakushi-no-Yu Shuttle bus.

-Castle Kun bus departs from Shiroishi station and takes you to the Kawarago Dam.
You can ask the bus driver to stop at the fox town (Zao Kitsune Mura).

-The Yakushi-no-Yu shuttle bus takes you from the Yakushi-no-Yu to the Sendai Station East entrance. (You need to reserve at least three days before).

11-3 Kawarago, Fukuokayatsumiya
Shiroishi-shi, Miyagi Prefecture

Phone: 0224-24-8812

The Park is open from 9:00-16:00 everyday.


For adults (13 years and older): 1000 YEN
For children (12 years and younger): Free

If you want to feed the animals, a bag is 100 YEN.


If you're looking for Japanese cuisine, this restaurant specializes in "Uumen", a Miyagi speciality, which is a special kind of soumen. This restaurant offers a very generous portion, so you're sure to be full!
You should try the vegetable one, it is simple, yet delicious!

Chukatei Bunten

This place is located close to the Zao fox village, but might be a little hard to find.
For ramen lovers, this place is reputed for their ramen, and once you go, you'll know why! Their ramen is quite simple, but oh so delicious! Over the noodles, are two thick slices of pork with bamboo shoots and chives.

Cheese Shed

If you're looking to take a break from Japanese food, this place is not a restaurant per se, but an agglomeration of shops attached to a dairy farm. There's a small restaurant inside which sells dairy products, and dishes. For example, cheese fondue, cheese pasta, ice cream, etc. So if you need to get your dairy fix, this is the place to go!

Zao Boo

Zao Boo is a great burger place.Their burger portions are very generous, so as a joke they have a picture saying that it's dangerous to eat their burgers without pressing it together first. You should try their signature burger, the "zao burger".

Restaurants Mentioned in this Article

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