Updated: August 27, 2019
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Looking for Great Breakfast in Osaka? These Are Our Top 10 Picks

Osaka City

Finding a nice place to have a breakfast is not always easy. Just to make your life a little easier, here's a list of places you can have breakfast in Osaka!

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If you are looking for a casual, old Japanese-style cafe experience for breakfast, this is where you should go! Sunshine is a 'kissaten,' or old-Japanese style cafe that is really famous for their delicious pancakes. Being a kissaten, their coffee is also quite delicious. Sunshine is located Just a minute walk from Higashi Umeda station. People generally spend less than ¥1,000 for breakfast!

Sushi Endo

You can have eggs and toast any old time you please. But you're in Japan! Why not start off your day with some sushi, with cuts of fish fresh from the fish market. 'Sushi Endo' has arguably some of the best and freshet sushi in the city. Located at the 'Chuo Wholesale Fish Market,' this place is one of the best places to get high-quality fish at a reasonable price. The market isn't exactly a tourist spot, but it's interesting to see the action happening early in the morning. Go as early as 5 am, when the restaurant opens for the freshest catches of the day!

Micasadeco & Cafe

Just a few minute walk from Namba station, this place is also famous for their pancakes! If you've been meaning to try the famous super-fluffy Japanese pancakes, this is your chance. Micasadeco & Cafe is open from 9 am, which is the perfect time to have breakfast! Their pancakes have a well-balanced sweetness great texture. Check it out!


Foodscape! is a great place to stop by for breakfast. They offer good coffee/espresso drinks and great variety of breads and other baked goods at reasonable prices! If you love bread, or are wondering what kind of bread the bakeries in Japan offer, definitely check this place out! It's a 5 minute walk from Fukushima station. People generally spend ~¥1,000.

The City Bakery

If you are a bread lover, another shop you should definitely check out is 'The City Bakery!' Beloved in NY for more than 20 years, they opened their first overseas branch in Osaka in 2013. Ever since, the people of Osaka have been enjoying their freshly baked breads and pastries. Their croissant is a must-try. The City Bakery is just a minute walk from JR Osaka station, so it's perfect if you're on the move. People generally spend less than ¥1,000.


If you want to fill your stomach with a tasty burger, head out to West Wood Bakers! Their burgers are really popular among burger lovers. They also have a variety of breads as well, and desserts like pancakes and donuts. It's a perfect place to have an American style breakfast in Osaka. West Wood is located about 10 minutes from Yotsuyabashi Station. People generally spend ¥1,000~2,000.


LeBRESSO is a cafe which specializes in toast! It can be found just a 3 minute walk from Tsuruhashi station. If you like really really good toast, this is where you should stop by. You will be amazed by how delicious they look and taste!
LeBRESSO also has a store in Grand Front Osaka, which is located just a few minutes walk from Osaka station, so if you are looking for a quick breakfast around Osaka station, you should definitely stop by!

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Brooklyn Roasting Company is a New York-based coffee shop chain famous for their good coffee! It is very spacious, and having breakfast here is such a perfect way to start off your day! In addition to pastries, heartier items including sandwiches are also available. The Osaka location is just a few minute walk from Imamiya-Ebisu Station. People generally spend ¥1,000.


Looking for a healthy breakfast place? Check out NORTHSHORE, located just a minute walk from the Number 26 exit of Kitahama station. This cafe offers healthy and delicious Hawaiian-inspired breakfast! Be there early because it's really popular. Their sandwiches and pancakes are the must-try. For lunch, they have a salad plate full of vegetables, which is so photogenic. You can also order take out and have a picnic at Nakanoshima Park too! With a perfect location, good food, and chill atmosphere, you wouldn't want to leave. People generally spend ¥1,000~3,000.

Takoyaki Doraku Wanaka

Takoyaki for breakfast?!?! Yeah!!
At around a 4 to 6-minute walk from Namba station, you can enjoy some authentic Japanese octopus balls with a crispy crust and a melty inside. The restaurant is called Wanaka and their takoyaki is always freshly made with a hand-made copper plate. You can have them for take out or eat them in. Wakana is open from 8:30 AM during the weekends, so you can have their takoyaki for breakfast too; why not try to eat like a local while you're in Osaka!?

Check out the best coffee shops and cafes in Osaka too!

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