Updated: June 18, 2018
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Awesome TOMATO RAMEN at "Taiyo no Tomatomen" In Tokyo!


Have you ever heard of tomato ramen? It is getting popular in Japan, especially Tokyo area as it's healthier and more nutritious. There is a chain ramen shop called "taiyo no tomato-men" that specializes in tomato ramen you should visit to try the surprisingly delicious new type of ramen!

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Taiyo no Tomato-men (太陽のトマト麺)

Taiyo no Tomato-men ("taiyo" means the Sun and "men" noodles in Japanese) is chain ramen shop located mainly in Tokyo area. The very first shop opened in Kinshicho, Tokyo, and now there are 18 locations including Shinjuku and Ueno.

They specialize in tomato ramen, which is totally different from the regular ramen variations. They focus on the idea of "LOHAS" that stands for "Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability". While they serve a low-fat and low-calories ramen that is good for our health, they use the ingredients raised in a environmentally-friendly way.


The regular tomato ramen (760 yen) is made of the rich and fresh tomato soup, ramen noodles, and some toppings like vegetables and chasyu (roasted slices of pork). It is less than 600kcal and nutritious. You can add toppings such as soft boiled egg too.
The most famous menu is cheese ramen (860 yen) that is topped with basil and a lot of cheese. There is no way tomato and cheese aren't good, right?
Their noodles are thin and smooth.
One thing you need to do is getting a bowl of rice and put the tasty and nutritious soup left after you eat the noodles. It becomes like a Italian risotto and you can enjoy in the two way.
Vongole ramen (890 yen) is also worth trying that is inspired by an Italian dish "spaghetti alle vongole", means spaghetti with clams.


You probably feel like you have to eat ramen when you are in Japan, so why don't you try this new type of ramen as well that is good for your health?
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