Updated: November 06, 2018
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6 Must-Try Thai Restaurants in Osaka

Osaka City

Thai restaurants are really popular worldwide, and of course, the foodie city Osaka has got a lot of really good and authentic Thai restaurants. Check out the following places!

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Faa Thai

Around a 5 minute walk from Kitahama station, Faa Thai serves authentic Thai food! Their lunch menu is very reasonable (¥900), so if you are looking for a place to grab a quick lunch with casual atmosphere, you should definitely stop by. People generally spend ¥1,000~3,000.


Looking for a Thai restaurant to try in Shinsaibashi area? Try Hatena, where you can have a traditional and fun Thai food experience! The store is really spacious and their menus are extensive. Descriptions and recommendations are written on their menu to help customers who are not really familiar with Thai cuisines. It has local atmosphere, too, and if you've ever been to Thailand it would definitely make you feel nostalgic. Around a 5 minute walk from Shinsaibashi station. People generally spend ¥3,000~4,000.
It's also open until 2 am, so it's a great place to stop by for a midnight snack too!


Cooked and served by a Thai chef, this place also offers authentic Thai cuisines. This restaurant is acknowledged by the Thai government too, which attracts even more people. You can enjoy Thai buffet style for lunch time. Their Mango Kakigori (shaved ice) is a must try dessert too! Such a perfect place to take a break and relax from Osaka's active and crowded city on a hot summer day! Just a 5 minute walk from the No.14 exit of Namba station. People generally spend ¥1,000~2,000 for lunch and ¥3,000~4,000 for dinner.

Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil is one of the most famous Thai restaurants in Osaka. It stays to Thai cuisines' true taste, and believe it or not, their spiciness and deliciousness is surreal. If you love spicy food, you should definitely give it a try. Since it is a very popular restaurant, making reservation beforehand is strongly recommended! Just a 7 minute walk from Fukushima station. People generally spend ¥1,000 for lunch and ¥3,000~4,000 for dinner.


At around a 30 second walk from the south exit of Nankai Namba station, this place offers a variety of Thai cuisine! They have more than 100 options on their menu, and here you can have an authentic Thai food experience. Their food is available at really reasonable prices too. People generally spend ¥1,000 for lunch and ¥2,000~3,000 for dinner. Right next to this restaurant there is a restaurant with the same name but specialized in khao man gai and Thailand ramen, so you might want to check that out too.

Chedi Luang

Chedi Luang is located at just a 30 second walk from Hanshin Honsen Umeda station. This place offers authentic Chiang Mai cuisine! Chiang Mai is really close to Myanmar and Laos from which its cuisine is influenced and for that reason very unique. They received a 5 star for "Thai Select Premium" acknowledged by the Thailand government, and this was the first restaurant to receive the prize in Kansai. During lunch they turn into a buffet style restaurant, where you can try a variety of Chiang Mai cuisines for very reasonable prices. People generally spend ¥1,000~2,000 for lunch and ¥3,000~5,000 for dinner. They also have stores in Yodoyabashi and Kitahorie, and each have different themes!


Thai food is really popular in Japan, and there are lots of Thai restaurants in Osaka. We hope you found your favorite Thai restaurant in Osaka!

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