Updated: November 06, 2018
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Aoyama Flower Market Tea House: A Floral Cafe in Japan

Aoyama Flower Market is a flower shop where you can enjoy tea, dessert or a light meal, all while being surrounded by beautiful flowers. It feels likes you're having tea inside a botanic garden. It is great for tea with friends or a nice stop while you're on a date.

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Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

The cafe's concept is the feeling of "Living with Flowers Everyday". To provide the space and atmosphere, the cafe display numbers of flowers and plants, which makes the air very refreshing and relaxing. It is more of a place to enjoy the atmosphere, but their food and drink menu is also what they are really popular for. They have stores at Minami Aoyama, Kichijoji and Akasaka.


Along with their regular menus, they offer seasonal menus using seasonal flowers. Summer is the season for sunflowers so they serve sunflower tea, and they also offer desserts using seasonal fruits.
Their food menu is really unique and flower-themed. Their menu differs at each branch, so it's worth checking out what each store has to offer.
Their famous french toast has edible flowers as toppings! Doesn't it look so pretty?
Their Flower Parfait is really photogenic and popular. It is consisted of rose jelly with berry mousse, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream with some rose petals on top. Literally the prettiest parfait on earth!
Their tea menu is also extensive! They have fresh herbal tea, and tea like rose tea, sweet earl grey and seasonal tea! On their menu it also tells you which tea goes the best with which desserts, so it's really helpful.


Try the prettiest cafe in Tokyo!
If you are interested in visiting more flower cafes in Tokyo, definitely check the link below!
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