Updated: November 06, 2018
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5 Local Sushi Bars Hidden in Asakusa, Tokyo


Asakusa is characterized by a tasteful cityscape that leaves the scent of Edo. Sushi that you get in such an atmosphere will feel more delicious! Here, I will introduce the most famous Edo-style sushi bars which are representative of Asakusa.

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Bentenyama Miyakozushi 弁天山 美家古寿司

The first owner, Kinshichi, was trained under the founder of Edomae sushi, Hanaya Yohe, and since then, Bentenyama Miyakozushi has preserved the same delicious taste for over 100 years.

Located about a 5-minute walk from Asakusa station, this restaurant is a must-try. It was established in 1866 and makes Edomae sushi with according to the traditional method. You can't go wrong with a 5th generation sushi chef!

Their tuna sushi is said to be particularly outstanding. A set starts at ¥5,500 and a sushi bowl is around ¥3,000.

Sakaezushi 栄寿司

This restaurant has a quaint "shitamachi" (old Tokyo's downtown area) atmosphere.
For just ¥1,000 during lunchtime, you can get a set of perfectly made nigiri-sushi. This is really a steal considering the quality of the sushi served at this reputable shop of long standing.

Located an 11-minute walk from the Asakusa station.

3. Isshin 一新

You can enjoy full-fledged Edo-style sushi made with red vinegar. Isshin is a small shop loved by local people and it has only 10 seats.

4. Sushi Hatsu Sohonten 寿司初總本店

Sushi Hatsu is a historical sushi bar from the Meiji era. Compared to other sushi bars, the interior of the shop is spacious. English menus are available.

5. 浅草 寿司清 Asakusa Sushikiyo

This is where to have a fun meal with a friendly sushi chef. The beautiful sushi lunch special is highly recommended. Sashimi and beer is the best combination to make your dinner memorable!


The sushi restaurants introduced in this article are more on the high-end side. If you want a fun and cheap sushi experience in Asakusa, how about checking out the conveyor belt sushi restaurants of the area!

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