Updated: July 22, 2019
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Jindaiji Temple And Its Surroundings: You'll Feel Like You've Been Thrown Back To The Edo Era!


Jindaiji temple, located in Chofu city (part of the Tokyo metropolitan area) is a popular tourist destination for many reasons. First, there is the beautiful temple and its surrounding edo-style townscape with tons of soba shops! Then there are the huge Jindai Botanical Gardens right next to it. And to top that off, you can even enjoy going to an onsen near the temple's premises!

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Jindaiji Temple

Jindaiji is one of the oldest temple in all of Tokyo (the oldest being Asakusa's extremely touristy Sensoji). It was founded in 733 during the Nara period.
In front of the beautiful temple, you will be amazed by the quaint streets on which soba shops and tea houses line up. Eating soba in such a beautiful setting is definitely one of the main reasons people visit the area. For suggestions on where to eat soba, check out the link below.
Famous landmarks of the area include this old water mill and the straw gates shown below that lead to the temple.

Jindai Botanical Gardens

As if the temple and the old townscape weren't enough to visit the area, there is also a huge 425,433 square meter botanical garden right in the area in the back of the temple.
You will find there thirty sectors within the botanical gardens that feature one kind of plant (includes roses, wisteria, azalea and plum trees). The most impressive time to go is when the roses are in bloom in May. It features an astonishing 400 different breeds of roses. Admission fees are 500 yen, 250 yen for seniors (65 and over), and 200 yen for children (middle school and under).

Open: 9:30-17:00

Jindaiji Onsen

At a 7 minute walk from the Jindaiji temple, there is a nice onsen called Jindaiji Natural Onsen Yumori no Sato. It is quite rare to find natural hot spring water in Tokyo, so it may well be worth the visit! The place has excellent ratings from numerous information websites. The water is dark, almost black, a characteristic of the hot spring water found in Tokyo.

Address: 2-12-2 Moto cho, Jindaiji, Chofu-shi, Tokyo
Open: 10:00-22:00

Access To Jindaiji Temple And Surrounding Area

A convenient way to get there from Tokyo is to take the bus from Kichijoji (Chuo Kichijoji Station), bus number 4 from the Marui department store, or Mitaka (Chuo Mitaka Station), bus number 52 from the South Exit. Get off at the Jindaiji bus stop.

Address: 5-1-5 Jindaiji Motomachi, Chofu-shi, Tokyo
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