Updated: April 17, 2018
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LeTAO - Heavenly Cheesecake in Hokkaido That Will Melt in Your Mouth

LeTAO is a very popular company producing a cakes and desserts in Otaru, Hokkaido. They are best known for the cheesecake called "Double Fromage" that attracts many people.

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LeTAO and Double Fromage

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LeTAO is a famous confectionery maker founded in a city of Otaru, Hokkaido Prefecture. As Hokkaido is blessed with the high-quality ingredients including milk, they are able to produce the incredible cakes and desserts by using the local selected ingredients.

Out of all their products, their cheesecake "Double Fromage" is by far famous throughout the country.
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Just one bite and the cheesecake will melt in your mouth like snow. They only use carefully selected ingredients and make a special mascarpone for this cheesecake. As a result, it is amazingly rich, creamy, and has the perfectly modest sweetness. It is covered with soft and fluffy sponge cake crumbles.
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The cake has two layers. The upper layer is made of a smooth no-bake cheesecake, and the lower layer is made of a rich baked cheesecake. These two are blending together and become the incredible cheesecake you can only find here.


1728 yen for the whole cake. It could be shared between 4-6 people.

Where to buy it

Shopletao slide02 https://www.letao.jp
There are 7 shops in Otaru, the home of LeTAO. Most of them just sell the products to take out, but the main shop located near Minami-Otaru station has a cafe where you can enjoy the cakes and desserts.
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There is also one place to buy LeTAO products in Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido. It is located in the basement of a shopping mall "Daimaru" next to the Sapporo station.
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For you who don't have a chance to go to Hokkaido, you can buy them in the major airports in Japan too, including Narita airport, Haneda airport, and Kansai International airport.

Variations and other products

Img detitem m03 https://www.letao.jp
Chocolate Double
The sweetness and bitterness of the Spanish chocolate and the milky flavor of the mascarpone creates the wonderful combination.
07212124 5971f298eab50 https://www.letao.jp
Seasonal Double Fromage
05141250 55541b8f85efa https://www.letao.jp
Bottled melted cheesecake
So soft and smooth that it is bottled in a small jar to scoop with a spoon. It also has two layers just like the regular Double Fromage.
Img detitem s21 https://www.letao.jp
Royale Montagne
Rich and creamy chocolate blended with Darjeeling tea. Great aroma and texture.
Biscuit fromage 01 https://www.letao.jp
Cheese cookies
Flavorful crunchy cookies made from the selected cheese and other ingredients. Perfect balance of the sweetness and the saltiness.

You can buy it online too

Since this product is wildly popular, they also started a delivery service.

Try this ultimate cheesecake and other desserts!

Img detitem m01 https://www.letao.jp
I love traveling and eating. My favorites are everything matcha and cheesecakes.

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