Updated: January 29, 2020
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Okonomiyaki Mura In Hiroshima: "The Temple" Of The Hiroshima Okonomiyaki!

Hiroshima City

When you travel to Hiroshima, a must-try food is the local okonomiyaki. Although okonomiyaki restaurants are found everywhere in Japan, Hiroshima has its own local style that uses noodles and layers the ingredients. What's more Hiroshima has a place called Okonomi Mura (village) in which all the shops sell Okonomiyaki! Read on to learn more about this okonmiyaki paradise!

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Bonus info

Before we give you our list of great okonomiyaki restaurants, here's a bit of bonus information about some great foodie tours in Hiroshima. Magical Trip offers some really fun bar-hopping food tours with a local that will make you discover those hard-to-find quaint izakayas serving great foods and drinks that only a local can guide you to.

Okonomi Mura

Okonomi Mura is a sort of okonomiyaki theme park in the heart of Hiroshima. The place comprises 24 Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki shops in the same building on 3 floors. Every restaurant has its own unique flavor. The taste is differentiated in part because Sun Foods created 24 unique sauces for each restaurant. Each joint of course also has its particular atmosphere cooking techniques and use slightly different ingredients. The Mura is one of the most popular destination for families in Japan traveling to Hiroshima. So you will see plenty of little people there!

How To Get There

Address: 5-13 Sintenchi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima

By Street car: Take the Hiroden streetcar bound for Ujina, Eba, Nishihiroshima or Miyajima and get off at Hatchobori. It's a 3 minute walk from that stop.

By Bus: Get off at Hiroshima Bus Center (12 minute walk), Hatchobori stop (5 minute walk) or Shintenchi stop (3 minute walk)

You will notice the gates shown above. Then head to the Mura's building.

Time To Eat!

There are so many that it is impossible to try them all so if you are an okonomiyaki enthusiast, repeated visits to the Mura is recommended! All the shops are excellent here so should just chose the one that seems most appealing to you. If you have never tried okonomiyaki, part of the fun is just to see the chefs prepare the dish!
A large part of the restaurants is covered by a iron plate on which the chefs skilfully make numerous okonomiyaki all at once! They start by spreading a batter of flour and eggs on the iron plate then add the toppings you've chosen from there. Common toppings include, pork, cheese, eggs, shrimps, octopus and oysters. Hiroshima is the oyster capital of Japan, so it might be a good choice to choose something with their delicious oysters!
In Hiroshima, of course, most okonomiyakis are stuffed with a generous amount of noodles! You can usually chose either soba or udon noodles. Once the chef is done preparing your order, your okonomiyaki will be presented in front of you with a plate, chopsticks and a sort of spatula for cutting it.
You can add a nice amount of mayonnaise on your okonomiyaki if you like. This way of eating it has really been gaining in popularity.
There you have it! And why not enjoy your okonomiyaki with a beer like many Japanese do.


Still want to try more okonomiyaki in Hiroshima after that? Check out the link below for a selection of the best restaurants outside of the Mura.
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