Updated: November 06, 2018
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Sembikiya: The Most Luxurious Fruits Experience in Tokyo!


Sembikiya is a very famous fruit store where they sell probably the most expensive and delicious fruits! They have a cafe in Ginza, and what they have there is also mind blowing!

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Sembikiya is one of the most well known fruit store in Japan, established more than 180 years ago. They have stores in luxurious places like Ginza, and they also sell expensive fruits. But when fruits are expensive, they're usually top-notch, and yes, they sell exquisite fruits! Their store also have sweets which are perfect for souvenirs or for a gift for someone special.

Sembikiya Fruit Parlor

What's mind blowing is not just the price of fruits, but also how good their desserts are! They offer dessert menu that uses exquisite fruits, so one parfait costs around ¥2,000. They use seasonal fruits, so it is also available only during the season, which makes it even more appealing.

The one above is called "Ginza Parfait", which is their signature parfait.
Summer's the season for peaches and melons, so they offer peach parfait and melon parfait!
They also have mango parfait,
and chestnut parfait!
They also have kakigori (shaved ice) in different flavors too. The one below is melon,
and this is "Peach Frappe"!
They also have other desserts like pudding a-la-mode,
"Fruit sandwiches", which are sandwiches with their superb fruits inside,
a delicious apple pie using their exclusive apples,
"Fruit punch", with syrup that contains red wine,
and Fruit Anmitsu, a popular Japanese dessert that usually contains fruits such as oranges, pineapples and cherry, cube of agar jelly, red bean, a scoop of ice cream, and sometimes shiratama (mochi), eaten with mitsu (sweet syrup).
They also have lunch menu like pasta, so if you want to grab nice lunch with nice desserts, definitely check this place out! Sembikiy has two floors of eating space, one underground and one on the second floor. Interestingly, they have different lunch menu in each floor. If you want to try their sandwiches, go to the second floor, and if you want to try their pasta, head down to the underground floor.


Ginza store is the first and main Sembikiya store in Japan. It is around a 5 minute walk from JR Yurakucho line Ginza station, or less than a minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya line, Ginza line and Marunouchi line's Ginza station, B5 exit.

Have an incredible fruits experience at Sembikiya!

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