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A Guide To Koenji's Shopping Streets!

Koenji is a an extremely interesting neighborhood located at just a 5 minute train ride on the JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku. It's most popular for being a hub for street fashion and having great cheap izakayas, reastaurants and bars. Here is a guide to the shopping streets around the Koenji Station.

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Street Under The Chuo Railroad

This is definitely one of the coolest places to visit if you are looking for cheap-eats, izakayas and bars. The place gets really lively at night (people gather on the street to drink) and is a popular area for locals. You get a very authentic atmosphere of the rowdy, chaotic drinking culture of Japan. The area is located at a 2 minute walk from the station, just to the west of it under the railway. It stretches for a good while towards the next station of Asagaya. All the places there have a similar atmosphere, are pretty good and cheap! Just walk into the one that seems most appealing to you and enjoy a nice cheap meal or some drinks!

Koenji Pal Shopping Arcade

This street is located to the south of the Koenji station, right next to it, so you shouldn't have any problem to find it if you take the South exit from the station. The Pal street is one of the best places for secondhand clothe shopping in the area! The prices on average are quite reasonable too. Aside from many clothing stores. You'll also find a variety of cafes and restaurants.

Etoile Street

Walking down the Pal shopping arcade, you will eventually see to your right another appealing shopping street called l'Etoile. This place is famous for having the l'Etoile playhouse, having many second-hand clothing stores and some cool record shops.
You'll also find nice, small restaurants whith a homely atmosphere selling delicious foods such as this lasagna restaurant.

Koshin Street Shopping Street

Yet another very nice shopping street in Koenji. Access this one by heading north-east of the station. From the the North Exit, go left and cross the first pedistrian crossing. Continue on the road parallel to the railroad and take the first road to your right to find it. This is a street with a long history. It has the ramen shops and the cafes that everyone loves but it also has some really old meat and fish shops and other stores people having going to for ages to get their daily necessities. This gives the street a very quaint atmosphere.

Junjo Shopping Streets

Exit from the North of the Koenji Station and you should see this green and yellow gate accross from the street. This is the Junjo shopping area. It's been one of the main shopping areas of Koenji since the early part of the 20th century. You'll find big drug stores, stores selling miscellaneous goods along older fashion stores with the friendly atmosphere of the tradional commercial and working class neighborhoods. This area has good confectionary shops among many other things.
The Gate is a famous clothing shop there.
Shop around here and you will surely find interesting things such as these wooden sake drinking cups!

Southern Exit Area

Head south when you exit the station and you will be in another great area for secondhand clothes shopping. The main street parallel to the Pal Shopping Arcade is also where there is the biggest Awa Odori Festival in Tokyo!


Koenji is definitely one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Tokyo on the outskirt of the main downtown area. Make sure to visit Koenji when you are in Tokyo!

Looking for an izakaya in Koenji? Check out the link below!
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