Updated: November 06, 2018
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Another Area You Need to Add to Your Bucket List: The Blue Pond in Hokkaido

"Aoiike"(青い池), which means the blue pond is a stunning area to visit while you're in Hokkaido! The area isn't so touristy yet, which makes you feel like you've discovered a secret paradise. It is outside of Shirogane Onsen, so be sure to check this place out while you're in the area!

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The Blue Pond Hokkaido

The Blue Pond is located near the onsen town of Shirogane Onsen, in Biei Hokkaido. The blue color is said to have been caused by a series of coincidental events. After the eruption of a nearby volcano, some dams were constructed on the Biei River in order to prevent the catastrophic effect of volanic mudflow.
The reason the water is blue is because the water absorbs the minerals of the cliff as it flows down from it. The minerals cause the blue hue.
Also, other substances,like sulfur, are mixed into the pond, and whiten the rocks at the bottom. This makes it all the more impressive!
The Blue Pond is right outside of the very relaxing town of Shirogane, known for its many onsen. So be sure to check out both areas!

Entrance Fee

The pond is always accessible and there are no admission fees.

When to Go

Although, there are no closing days, it is preferable to go in the summer, as you cannot see the pond in the winter. However, it is still breathtaking. The color of the pond varies depending on the season and the weather. It is said to be at its most beautiful from the mid-May to the end of June.


The pond is accessible by bus from Biei station or Shirogane onsen, and take you to Shirogane Aoiike Iriguchi.

It is also accessible by car. The pond is near the Prefectural road number 966, and there is a free parking lot. From there it is about a 5 minute walk.


Whilre you're in Hokkaido, make sure you try the awesome local dishes. Hokkaido is famous not only for its beautiful scenery, but also for its delicious and fresh cuisine!
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