Updated: April 11, 2019
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10 Best Sushi Restaurants In Ginza


Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan, and one of the most popular dishes for Japanese themselves. Today, we introduce you 9 best sushi restaurants in Ginza, Tokyo. Enjoy sushi!

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1. Haneda Ichiba Ginza Seven 羽田市場GINZA SEVEN

Ginza abounds in sushi restaurants, but this one stands out for its super fresh "neta" (toppings of the sushi) and comparatively reasonable price. While other restaurants (including very pricey ones) get their ingredients through slower distribution systems that go through Tsukiji or Toyosu markets and other intermediaries, Haneda Ichiba Ginza Seven flies in the fish from all parts of Japan. This means you can literally have on your plate some sashimi that was caught on the very same day!

See the link below for more information.

2. Kyubey 久兵衛

Kyubey is said one of the top restaurants in the world, and quite possibly one of the best sushi restaurants in Japan. If you want to try real, top quality sushi while you're in Japan, you have to try Kyubey!

Kyubey's main restaurant is in Ginza, but it has an annex in Ginza as well, and some branches at different hotels around the city.
For lunch, there are different price options, starting at 6,000 yen for chirashi dishes and nigiri dishes. The "Omakase" (letting the chef decide) set is nice, as it allows you to sample different dishes that are suggested by the chef (this is 11,000 yen).
For a more impressive lunch, the kaiseki (a type of Japanese course meal) is great, it is between 15,000-25,000 yen.

For dinner, the "omakase" starts at 10,000, and the "kaiseki" is between 15,000-30,000. It comes with an appetizer, sashimi, grilled fish, a sushi assortment and soup.

3. Umegaoka Sushi no Midori 梅丘寿司の美登里

Umegaoka Sushi no Midori is located near the Ginza station and you can reach it in minutes. There are enough seats so you don't have to worry if you are a somewhat large group.
Midori has a well-earned reputation as one of the best sushi chains in Japan because its chefs are true sushi experts! You can see them at work while you enjoy your meal. Great "quality for cost" balance. You can eat sushi at a reasonable price in this sushi restaurant. Lunch course starts at 1,600 JPY. They serve great quality sushi for cheap, so it's extremely popular (i.e. be prepared for a line-up).

4. Itamae Sushi 板前寿司

Itamae Sushi can be found just a short walk away from Ginza Station. They are a tuna-specialized restaurant.
You can eat best tuna in Itamae Sushi. Seasonal fresh fish arrives from Tsukiji market everyday. This place serves excellent sushi, which you can order one by one to the sushi chef or you can get a set. For the quality of the fish, it is very reasonably priced! For ¥2480,you can get their "best sushi combo"

5. Shari The Tokyo Sushi Bar

Shari The Tokyo Sushi Bar is the Sushi restaurant you want to go to when traveling with a group since it is very accommodating for a large group!
You can enjoy not only sushi but also other Japanese foods. It is a non-smoking restaurant with a friendly atmosphere, where you can have a lovely time with your children.

6. Sushi Gonpachi G- zone 権八

Gonpachi, located in around 10 minutes walk from Roppongi station, is one of the most popular restaurants among foreign visitors. They are a Japanese-themed restaurant where you can feel like as if you travel back to early Japan. They have an amazing atmosphere and serve affordable Japanese dishes.
You can enjoy the izakaya style dining at dinner time. Izakaya is a Japanese style bar where people enjoy drinking and talking, usually ordering some dishes to share on the table.

Gonpachi offers a variety of Japanese dishes. You can get fresh sushi, yakitori (grilled chicken on a stick), wagyu beef, and more.
Their drink menu is extensive too. You can get sake, beer, wine, and cocktails. They have unique Japanese style cocktails worth trying, like yuzu (a kind of Japanese citrus) mojito.

7. Sushi Izakaya Banya 番屋

Sushi Izakaya Banya is located close to both Ginza station and Shinbashi Station.
They serve high-quality seafood such as tuna, crab, lobster, and urchin. And you can enjoy them at an affordable price. I recommend you to try the “Uniku” (urchin and beef sushi).

8. Sushi En 縁

Sushi En is just a short three minute walk from Ginza Station. The chef opened this sushi restaurant after many years of training at the famous sushi restaurant "Kyubey".
The prices are a little higher than other sushi places, but for the fresh and higher quality, it is worth it. Each piece is delicately prepared before your eyes with the uttermost care.

8. Kaiten Sushi Sakaba Numazuko 沼津港

Kaiten Sushi (Kaiten Zushi) means conveyor belt sushi and it is a very popular type of restaurant in Japan as they offer good quality at a more than reasonable price! Numazuko is a must-try in Tokyo!
It is not expensive, so you can enjoy many kinds of sushi without burning a hole in your wallet. Selected fish are shipped daily from Tsukiji market (Tokyo) and the Numazu port (Shizuoka).

10. Otaru Masazushi おたる政寿司

Otaru Masazushi is located near Ginza station and you can reach it in minutes. In this sushi restaurant, you can eat fresh fish from Hokkaido, Japan. It is a great place for a date, a business meeting, a ladies' night out, or simply to come to have a delicious meal by yourself!
Lunch sets start at about 3,000 yen, and the dinner course starts at 8,000 yen.
In this sushi restaurant, you also enjoy Japanese Sake “Nihonsyu”. There are many kinds of Japanese sake, so you can find one you will fancy!

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