Updated: February 15, 2019
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A New Delicious Product Is Available For A Limited Time At Coisof!


Coisof, a delicious ice cream shop which specializes in super rich soft-serve ice cream is right on Takeshita Street in Harajuku. There is a new product now available, the "Strawberry coi Shake", which is available from April 14, 2018! To celebrate the launch, if you purchase a "Coi shake" and a "coi soft" at the same time, you will get a mega topping for a limited time.

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Coisof: an Ice Cream Shop Specialized in Super Rich Ice Cream

Coisof is on Takeshita street, in Harajuku, Tokyo! Only about a 5 minute walk from Harajuku station.

"Coi" means rich, and "sof" is short for soft-serve, so the name means rich soft-serve ice cream. But, "coi" also means love, which is why they play up that concept too.

So What's the Secret of its Richness?

The secret to its richness resides in the fact that they use the sesame ice cream from the super popular Gomaya Kuki store in Harajuku. The ice cream is smooth and incredibly rich!

Check the link below to know more about Gomaya Kuki!

All the Rich Flavors!

Coisof offers 4 flavors of ice cream for now: black sesame, white sesame, goth black and goth white! The goth versions are a reference to the eccentric street fashion Harajuku is known for.

What is "Oiri" Though?

"Oiri" is a traditional sweet from Kagawa. Its characteristic is that it is fluffy and sweet. These sweets are gently used as a topping for the rich ice cream. The mix of textures is interesting and unique!


With an ice cream this cute, how can you resist taking loads of pictures of it... but hurry before it melts!

From April 14th, come try the new "Strawberry coi shake"

There is a new product now available, the "Strawberry Coi Shake", which is available from April 14, 2018! To celebrate the launch, if you purchase a "Coi Shake" and a "Coi Soft" at the same time, you will get a huge topping only from April 14th to May 13th.
<Campaign details>

The new "Strawberry Coi Shake" mega topping campaign

Campaign:If you buy a "Coi Shake" and a "Coi Soff" ice cream, you will get a mega topping.
Price: "Strawberry Coi Shake" 800 yen, "Coi Soft" (milk, white or black sesame, or a mix) 600 yen.
Limited from April 14th to May 13th, 2018
Conditions: You have to buy the "Coi Shake" and the "Coi Soft" at the same time.
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