Updated: November 06, 2018
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Vegan Dining in Tokyo at Ain Soph Ginza

Being vegan in Tokyo isn't always easy as fish broth and meat are commonly used in almost every meal. However, rest assured, a growing number of restaurants have vegetarian options in their menus. But for those who don't speak Japanese and want to be certain to be eating vegan dishes, you should try any of the Ain Soph restaurants!

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Ain Soph Ginza

"Ain Soph" means eternal in Hebrew, and their emphasis is on health and well-being. Ain Soph now has 4 locations in Tokyo: in Ikebukuro, in Kabukucho, in Shinjuku, and in Ginza; each having a slightly different concept.

Their restaurants are vegan, so they do not use any meat, fish, dairy, or eggs. But that doesn't mean that you will feel deprived in any way, as their food is delicious and flavorful. They use lots of fresh and colorful veggies to make up your dishes.
Also, they are quite famous for their pancakes!

The ground floor of the resto is a vegan sweets shop, and the second floor serves Japanese French fusion cuisine!


You can get their set menu, which includes a salad, a soup, their 9 taster box, and a dessert! The food is flavorful and interesting, and also offers a lot of variety!


Now for the best part! Their desserts are simply delicious! The tiramisu is highly recommended, and the pancakes are very popular! The pancakes are served with soy cream, and will make you forget that they're vegan!

Other Locations

They have 4 locations in Tokyo, click on the link below to find a location near you!


If you liked your experience at Ain Soph and would like to try other vegan restaurants in Tokyo, here are a few more suggestions!

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