Updated: November 06, 2018
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Ohori Park: An Area Of Scenic Beauty And Culture In The Heart Of Fukuoka!

Ohori Park is a beautiful urban oasis located in the heart of Fukuoka. It is beloved by the residents of the city and perhaps the most popular sight-seeing spot in the city. Here is more on Fukuoka's famous park!

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Ohori Park

Ohori literally means "big moat". This is a reference to the moat that once surrounded the castle of Fukuoka. The present configuration of the park was done in 1929, and it was modeled on the West Lake of Hangzhou in China. The park has a huge pond that was once part of the moat system of the castle, and is said to be one of the most beautiful water parks in Japan. People go there to relax and enjoy the peaceful setting.
There are three elongated islands in the pond, each connected by elegant pedestrian bridges. Surrounding the pond is a 2 km walking path people use either for taking leisurely walks or for jogging.

Other Features And Facilities

The park is home to a famous Noh theatre that you will find in the north part.
In the south of the park you will find a beautiful Japanese garden. Unlike the rest of the park, there is a small entry fee of 240 yen but it is most definitely worth seeing!

Hours: 9:00-17:00 (until 18:00 in August; closed on Monday)
Adjacent to the garden is the Fukuoka Art Museum (closed for renovation until March 2019) in which there is an impressive collection of Buddhist statues. There are also sculptures and paintings by modern artists such as Miro and Dali.
Lastly, every year on August 1st the park holds the biggest fireworks show in Fukuoka. More than 400,000 people gather in the park for this event! Do not miss it if you happen to be there during that time. It's a truly magical experience to see the fireworks and the many people dressed in yukata (Japanese summer kimono).


Access the park by taking the subway to Ohori Koen Subway Station. It's about a 10 minute ride (260 yen) from the Hakata Station.
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