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8 Must-Try Foods in Dotonbori, Osaka

Osaka City

Dotonbori is probably the most vibrant part of Osaka, and there you get to have lots of fun trying out street foods and good restaurants! Check out the following places so you don't miss any of Dotonbori's must-tries!

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Try them all with a foodie tour!

A good way to discover all the delicious foods Osaka is famous for is by having one of Magical Trip's popular foodie tour of Dotonbori and Shinsekai with a local guide.

The Magical Trip guide will take you to the best takoyaki joints using the Takoyaki Map in Dotonbori; you'll get to try kushikatsu (fried skewers) in Shinsekai, where the famous Osakan food originates; and you'll also get the to make your own okonomiyaki at a restaurant popular with the locals. Everything's included in the 3-hour tour with lots of great reviews.

Check out the link below for more details.
Below are the must-try foods in the area and some suggestions for good places to have them.

Kushikatsu at "Daruma"

Daruma is a famous Kushikatsu restaurant in Osaka. Kushikatsu are deep-fried skewers of meat or vegetables. It's one of the foods Osaka is most known for. You can easily spot Daruma with its huge signboard of an angry-looking man, the owner of this shop. Kushikatsu is now popular throughout Japan, but this is an iconic restaurant in the heart of kushikatsu country so make sure to try them here!
One important thing you should know about kushikatsu is that you should not dip the skewers into the provided dipping sauce more than once because it is not an appropriate manner as every customer reuses the same sauce! It is a rule that all Osaka people follow, which applies to all of us.

Different types of Osaka specialties at "Creo-Ru"

If you want to have all sorts of famous Osaka cuisines in one place, you should stop at Creo-Ru. It is such a popular shop that serves Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsu and so many more! Their Takoyaki menu is really unique, so if you want to try a different twist on a classic, this may be the perfect place!
These takoyaki balls have different flavors such as salt and lemon, mayonnaise, Italian style, garlic chips and red pepper, and more. They all taste great and are worth the try. Try them all and find your favorite flavor!

Crabs at "Kani Douraku"

This huge red crab is another famous signboard in the Dotonbori area. This is actually a restaurant specializing in crab and Kaiseki cuisines. They also serve grilled crabs available for take-out, so you can eat while exploring Dotonbori.

Okonomiyaki at "Chibo Dotonbori"

Looking for a place to have some Okonomiyaki in Dotonbori? Try Chibo, a restaurant specialized in Okonomiyaki! Their Okonomiyaki is filled with fluffy batter and lots of ingredients. The prices are really reasonable too (¥1,000~2,000). If you are wondering where to eat Okonomiyaki, definitely stop here.
Their "Chibo Yaki" and "Dotonbori Yaki" are the must-try Okonomiyaki!

Izakaya at "Kitazo"

Kitazo is a hidden Izakaya, a casual Japanese style tavern or pub that serves fresh seafood and a wide range of sake! The prices are really reasonable for an Izakaya too. People generally spend ¥3,000~4,000 for dinner. If you love seafood and sake, or if you want to experience what an Osaka Izakaya is really like, try Kitazo!

Takoyaki at "Kukuru"

If you want to have an authentic Takoyaki experience, try Kukuru! They have lots of Takoyaki locations in Osaka, but this one is really popular and famous among locals and tourists. Their original Takoyaki, the "Meibutsu Bikkuri Takoyaki" has octopus sticking out of the Takoyaki. Its size is big, and its taste is amazing!

Bonus info: Make your own takoyaki with a cooking class with a local!

What's interesting is that if you want to dive deeper into Osaka's famous takoyaki food culture, you can take an AirKitchen cooking class with a Dotombori local. Below's a link to Mrs. Kayo's popular takoyaki cooking class near Dotombori.

Fugu at "Zuboraya"

Zuboraya is a restaurant specialized in Fugu (blowfish) cuisine. As you walk, you will see a fugu floating in the middle of Dotonbori, and that's Zuboraya! Usually, fugu is really expensive, but Zuboraya offers a variety of Fugu dishes at a relatively reasonable price (around ¥3,000~6,000). Their fugu nabe (hot pot), "Tecchiri" is a really nice dish to have especially on a cold day in winter.

Sushi at "Genrokuzushi"

If you want to have a casual kaiten-sushi (conveyor belt sushi) experience, try Genrokuzushi! They serve good sushi at a very cheap price around ¥130 a plate! This restaurant is known to be where kaiten sushi culture originated. They only have counter seats, and the atmosphere is really laid back.

Enjoy Dotonbori with good food!

Dotonbori has really good food! We hope you find your favorite food in there. Check out the link below for more information on things to do in Dotonbori. Namba is also really close to Dotonbori, so you should check out the restaurants near Namba too!

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