Updated: November 06, 2018
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and people jinnan: Photogenic and Cozy Cafe Restaurant in Tokyo!

and people jinnan is a cafe style restaurant with a pretty interior! Its atmosphere makes you want to stay there longer, and they also have a variety of good food. Check out and people jinnan if you are looking for a nice, cute place to have dinner with your friends!

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and people jinnan

and people has 2 branches in Shibuya, and recently they have opened their 3rd store in Ginza. and people jinnan is located just a 5 minute walk from Shibuya station.
This place has a theme - like CONEY Island which is located outskirts of NY, its concept is "abandoned place that has old but refined atmosphere". Their decorations are really detailed and their seats are mainly sofa, which makes you and your people stay super comfortably.
You can use this place as a cafe during lunch time, or at dinner time. You'll immediately fall in love with its atmosphere!


For lunch, they offer Japanese teishoku, which is only available during the weekdays. They have Japanese cuisines like grilled fish, fried chicken with tartar sauce, and fried oyster and seafood. It's available from 12 pm to 3 pm, and the prices are less than ¥1,000.
For dinner they mainly serve Italian cuisine. Their menus are extensive, and offer lots of appetizers as well as main dishes like rice, pasta and pizza.
Their dessert menus are also very intriguing as well! They have ice creams, cheese cake and cream brulee.
You also don't want to miss their drinks! They have so many drink options to choose from, and it's really hard to decide what to have because they all look so delicious. They have both soft drinks and alcohol drinks like cocktails, wine and beer cocktails.
They are also open to birthday surprises! They will offer a pretty birthday plate and projection mapping performance! If you are looking for a place to celebrate your friends' birthday, you should consider this place!

Have a sophisticated cafe restaurant experience at and people jinnan in Tokyo!

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