Updated: November 06, 2018
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Great Sushi At A Reasonable Price Near Akabane Station


Akabane is located in the north part of Tokyo, just south of the Arakawa river. It is a major station with a center of its own. If you're near the station and feel like eating sushi, here is where you should go for reliably good and affordable sushi!

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Uogashi Sushi

Exit from the western exit of the Akabane Station and you will be at about a 3 minute walk from Uogashi Sushi. Go there at night and you'll notice it's in a somewhat dark part of town, making you believe only locals know about it. It's perhaps a well-kept secret because their sushi is really great for the price! The fatty tuna is really sublime! The fish is well-selected and you get the standards (salmon, salmon roe, tuna, sea urchin) really well prepared. The chawanmushi is great too! It's a kind of savoury steamed egg custard. A nice place to come and relax and enjoy good sushi. Expect to pay under 2,000 yen for lunch and around 5,000 yen for dinner.

Kaisendokoro Sushitsune

Kaisendokoro is located along the railroad just to the north of the station. It's definitely a good place for tasty sushi during lunch time. You can get special selection sets of sushi of 840 yen (10 pieces), 1,220 yen (15 pieces) and 1,680 yen (12 pieces of more expensive fish and seafood). You can also get kaisen don (fresh seafood on a bowl of rice) for under 1,000 yen! This place is known to have good shochu (Japanese spirits) too.

Tsukiji Ikko

Tsukiji Ikko is a very small shop of just 6 seats located inside the station so it's a really convenient place to eat at if you are just transiting in Akabane. Plus it's really cheap! To be fair, the best thing about Tsukiji Ikko is not so much the sushi but rather the kaisen don. You get sublime bowls of seafood for about 1,000 yen at any time of the day!

Sushi Zammai

Sushi Zanmai is located at a 1 minute walk from the Akabane East Exit. It's a popular chain restaurant owned by the self-procaimed Maguro no Ousama (king of the tuna), so you've guessed it, tuna is really good here! Oysters and fish soups are also available and are quite popular. You can get free green tea and you can buy alcoholic beverages too. This place is cheap and open until 5 am. You probably won't pay more than 3,000 yen even for a dinner with a drink or two.

Tsukiji Nihonkai

Tsukiji Nihonkai is an izakaya-style sushi restaurant located at a 1 minute walk from the Akabane Station (West Exit). The place is very big, with a seating capacity of over 260. It even has a sushi train (conveyor belt sushi)! It's a popular place with families because of the affordable sushi and friendly staff. An izakaya atmosphere in which you can have sushi is somewhat unusual. This is definitely a good place to go out drinking with some friends too!


This article presented some good and pretty cheap sushi restaurants in Akabane. Hope it'll be useful to you next time you're in the northern part of Tokyo looking for sushi!

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