Updated: August 17, 2018
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Want to Feel the Seasons with Coffee? Try 4/4 Seasons Coffee in Shinjuku, Tokyo!


4/4 (All) seasons coffee is a coffee shop located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. As there is four seasons in Japan, they deliver coffee that you makes you feel each season! To make your coffee time a little more something special, visit 4/4 Seasons Coffee in Shinjuku, Tokyo!

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Coffee and Seasons

One of the wonderful things about Japan is that there are four seasons, and what's more amazing is that you can have a different experience each season.
During spring there are cherry blossoms and flowers blooming; in summer there are summer festivals; people in Japan say fall is the best season for eating and reading; and in winter people gather around "nabe" (Japanese hot pot) with some "mochi" and oranges to celebrate a new year.
As coffee is becoming a part of people's daily life, sometimes drinking the same coffee all year round can be a little unsatisfying. To make your coffee morning a little more special, try 4/4 Seasons Coffee, where you can try different coffee each season!

4/4 Seasons Coffee

4/4 Seasons Coffee is located in the heart of Shinjuku, Tokyo. About a few minute walk from Shinjuku Gyoen station, you'll see a simple yet clean designed coffee shop.
Shinjuku is well known as one of the vibrant and crowded cities in Tokyo, but this coffee shop makes you forget that you're in the heart of downtown!
With its white themed interiors, unwinding atmosphere and their cup of coffee, it lets you focus on the "present" moment, like the weather, the ambience and your feelings.
Their coffee is made with espresso, Chemex and using a drip filter.


As previously mentioned, they serve coffee that is perfectly selected according to the season. They use coffee beans from all over the world! Beans include Burundi's Gakocwe, Rwanda's Coko, Ethiopia's Beriti, Costa Rica's La Orquidia, Kenya's AA Kiamabara and Colombia's Huila AAA.
They offer various types of coffee and espresso! They have three kinds of coffee with 4 espressos including standard espresso, Americano, and cafe latte.
What's more interesting is that, believe it or not, they have sparkling coffee! Perfect for a hot summer day, isn't it? It is only available for drinking inside the shop.
You also don't want to miss their delicious Affogato! It is recommended to dip the financier and eat it together!
Aside from their coffee menu, they also have other drinks like cocoa and today's syrup (soda type of drink)!
They also have food menu available. They have toast, pizza toast, and home made desserts like cheesecakes and banana bread!
They also have morning menus like granola and galette. 4/4 Seasons Coffee is open from 8 in the morning. Stopping by 4/4 Seasons Coffee before a long day is such a perfect way to start off your day!


The change of season is always an exciting event especially when you are in a country like Japan. Why not visit 4/4 Seasons Coffee to spice up your life?
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