Updated: November 06, 2018
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Salvatore Cuomo, an Authentic Pizza Joint in Tokyo!

Salvatore Cuomo has branches all over Tokyo, so you can easily have it delivered to your house, or go there directly. If you like thin-crusted, authentic Italian pizza, this is the place to go!

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Salvatore Cuomo

Salvatore Cuomo is a pizzeria and bar located in many parts of Japan, and has 15 stores just within downtown Tokyo. All their pizzas are baked in the firewood kiln. Now, Salvatore started doing delivery services so more people can enjoy their handmade pizza. They have classic Italian specialties, but they also have Japanese adaptations, and seasonal flavors!


When you go to Salvatore Cuomo for dinner, you need to try the Margarita pizza, the raw ham, the bocconcini salad, and the aged beef. There also some seasonal pizzas to try, such as the italian sausage and lemon pizza you can try since July 15th.

If you go for lunch, there's a beautiful lunch buffet, with loads of different types of pizzas and pasta to choose from! Only 1,500 YEN, it's quite the deal!

Drink Menu

There are loads of great wines to choose from (Italian, French, Australian, Californian, etc.), as well as beer , and lots of cocktails!

Dessert Menu

Do you still have room for dessert? Great! How about a seasonal fruit tart, a tiramisu or a Sicilian lemon cake. Or a little of everything? Try the assorted desserts!

Take-Out Menu

You can also get take-out or delivery for those lazy days at home. On their take-out menu, they have of course pizza, but also prosciutto, fried chicken, some sweets, and cocktails!!


If you've liked this resto, and would like to try other pizza joints in Tokyo, check out the link below!
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