Updated: November 06, 2018
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Cafe Stay Happy: Hammock, Vegan and Organic!

cafe Stay Happy is a hammock cafe located in Shimokitazawa. If you are looking for a place to chill and relax for a while in Shimokitazawa, check it out!

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cafe Stay Happy

Located just a 3 minute walk from Shimokitazawa station, this cafe has hammocks and other comfortable seats that makes you want to stay there forever! If you open the white door, you will find stairs that leads you to this heartwarming cafe. This cafe is travel-themed cafe, so they offer various cuisines and beers from different parts of world!
Inside looks like this. Tables are all made of woods, and its warm lights delivers cozy atmosphere. Aside from their hammocks, they have counter seats, table seats and zashiki where you can sit on a tatami floor! At the back of the store they have a two story house-like seat where they call it "Yagura".
They have hammocks on the second floor! You can take off your shoes and fully relax here.
During winter (November to April) they'll have kotatsu (a table with electric heater attached to it), which is really popular in Japan's winter. It's one of the common cultural things to surround kotatsu with family and eat mikan (oranges) during the freezing winter.
Downstairs they have bookshelves, and two tables. It becomes chabudai (low dining table) in summer and kotatsu during winter. You can have Japanese home experience just by eating here!


cafe Stay Happy aims to provide natural and organic meals that is healthy for your body. Plus they're reasonable too! You can order a lunch meal set for the price of ¥900~1,350.
All food on their menu looks so delicious and healthy! They also offer vegan menus like bean croquette and rice with organic salad, seasonal vegetable aglio e olio, brown rice onigiri and more! Their seasonal organic vegetable and beans curry is a must-try too.
This is a special Omurice that is only available three dishes per day! It's fluffy, and selected ingredients and brown rice are used.
They also offer take outs! You can grab their brown rice onigiri, home made breads or home made cakes for ¥150~250. If you bring your own plate or a container, you can take out some of their food menus too!
There's always room for desserts right? They have Mini Parfait that has ice cream which uses fresh milk from Hokkaido, chocolate cake, banana cake, baked cheese cake and french toast. Their seasonal cake is vegan! You can enjoy their cake for around ¥400~600.
For those of you who want to try two cakes or even more, they offer a cake set where you can choose two or more cakes of your choice (¥750). If you want wine along with it, they have a set for that too for ¥950!
They also have unique and appealing soft drink menus! They have Caramel Macchiato that uses organic espresso, matcha kinako latte, home made ginger ale that has edible ginger, Indian Chai, Mate, and more!
They also have beers from all over the world, and cocktails like Caipirinha (Brazil's popular cocktail), and natural wine. They also have hot alcohols like ram chai and hot wine.
They take wines really seriously. The owner of cafe Stay Happy is also a sommelier, and they only provide carefully selected natural wines!

Make your mind and body happy at cafe Stay Happy!

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