Updated: November 27, 2018
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Café Kitsuné: Stylish Tokyo Café Produced by Maison Kitsuné Paris


Located in Omotesando, Café Kitsuné is a popular coffee shop with a Japanese atmosphere that combines the modern and the traditional. If you are around the Omotesando or Aoyama area and are looking for a nice cafe to take a break, Café Kitsuné is a place you should consider trying!

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Café Kitsuné

The famous fashion brand Maison Kitsuné from France has opened its first Japan store in Omotesando, Tokyo. The entrance is surrounded by bamboo trees, and once you enter the cafe you will see an Edo-era inspired interior with wooden counters and traditional sliding doors.


They serve coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and also Japanese tea lattes such as Hojicha latte and matcha latte! They also offer unique coffee-based drinks such as espresso tonic, a drink that is a mix of espresso, tonic water and lemon.
They use Bosco espresso machines from Napoli. No wonder their espresso is exquisite!
Café Kitsuné is open from 9 in the morning, and until 1 PM. They have a breakfast specials too. You can try the Parisienne set (¥750) which comes with french toast, honey and a drink, and the Parisien set (¥850) that consists of a ham and cheese baguette sandwich and a drink.
Kitsuné means fox in Japanese, and they have a kitsuné-shaped cookie. If you want something sweet, it's definitely worth a try!
They also have unique-flavoured ice cream.
From left to right:
- Parisienne: plum, peach and ume
- Bebe: milk and wasanbon (Japanese sugar)
- Parisien: coffee blend and milk

Try them all! They're quite delicious.
You can put the kitsuné cookie on top of your ice cream like this too! Cute!
Don't miss out their seasonal drinks! The ones shown in the picture are sakura-flavoured lemonades served in the spring.

Stop by Café Kitsuné for a quick break in Omotesando!

It's a perfect place to stop by to grab a cup of good coffee and relax for a while. You'll love not only their exquisite coffee but also the traditional Japanese atmosphere of the cafe. It's definitely worth checking out!
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