Updated: October 30, 2019
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The Guide to the Best Cafes in Ebisu!

Ebisu is a really lovely neighborhood to spend the day in. But the overwhelming number of restaurants and cafes might make it hard to make a choice. If you're looking for a nice cafe in Ebisu, please check out the list we've prepared for you.

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Pile Cafe

This cafe is only 2 minutes away from Ebisu station, but it is a little tucked away so it'll make you feel like you discovered a secret cafe. It's super cozy and welcoming. It's a great place to simply have a cup of coffee and some dessert while chatting with friend, or you can have a meal. You can sit back and relax in one of their big comfy sofas.
It's hard to find, so the distinct airplane-like windows are the way to spot the store, it's on the second floor.

Mercer Cafe Ebisu

This place is a great spot to stop by for coffee and dessert, as their caramel chiffon cake is quite popular and well worth the detour. It's about 7 minutes by foot from Ebisu station.
They also have delicious main dishes to try, such as the pasta, or the assorted meat platter.
No matter what you're having, it's a great place to have dinner with friends or a date. The atmosphere is modern and very sophisticated.

Mlb Cafe

MLB Cafe is about 8 minutes from Ebisu station. It's right across from Ebisu garden place, so before having a seat at MLB Cafe, you can have a nice walk around the garden place on a nice sunny day. This resto is oriented towards baseball fans, with baseball games playing on TV, and the uniform of the waitresses. You can come here for some burgers, steak, or even dessert!

Espresso D Works

About a 7 minute walk from Ebisu station, this cafe is surrounded by cafes, restaurants and bars, so you can easily spend the afternoon here bar/restaurant-hopping.
This cafe serves everything from breakfast, to dinner, including tea time. They are particularly famous for their Dutch pancakes, so be sure to try them!

Dining Cafe Tsunami Ebisu

Tsunami is a Hawaiian dining cafe, and it is about 5 minutes from Ebisu station. This area is also surrounded by lots of bars and restaurants, so you can easily spend the afternoon here, stopping by different restos, cafes, and bars. You can come here for dinner and try many types of fresh Hawaiian food, or you can also stop by for dessert and coffee. The atmosphere is welcoming, and so are the hosts. It's a great place to hang out with friends, or go with a date.

Comma Tea

This is a take-out tea shop serving some really interesting and delicious teas! Try the ones topped with a house-made cheese cream foam. They have an incredibly smooth, and highly addictive taste!

They also serve some pretty solid milk bubble teas that aren't too sweet.


If you've enjoyed this cafes, and are looking for other pleasant Cafes in Shibuya, check out the link below.

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