Updated: November 06, 2018
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Fugetsu: Delicious Okonomiyaki Chain from Osaka!

Osaka City

Okonomiyaki, aka Japanese pizza, is a popular Japanese cuisine, and it's an iconic cuisine in Osaka and Hiroshima. Fugetsu is a chain originated from Osaka, and they offer so many delicious options not just okonomiyaki. Check out this article for more information on Fugetsu.

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Fugetsu is a popular Okonomiyaki chain especially in western parts of Japan, Osaka. It is popular for their delicious Okonomiyaki that is available at really reasonable prices. Their okonomiyaki contains lots of cabbages, and is super crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Plus, he staff will cook it right in front of you! They mainly have stores in Osaka and western regions, but you can also try their Okonomiyaki in several places in Tokyo too.


Their menu is expansive! From okonomiyaki to yakisoba to teppanyaki, you can enjoy so many different menus at Fugetsu.
Their okonomiyaki is really popular and at some stores you can take out too. The most popular menu is "Chi-tama buta tama" which has cheese and pork in it.
On their menu they have pork, squid, shrimp or mix of these, and you can choose toppings like cheese, kimchi, potatoes, mochi, etc.
They also have "modan-yaki", meaning "modern-yaki", and the difference between okonomiyaki and modanyaki is that modanyaki comes with noodles, and it's really filling and delicious! They mostly offer both okonomiyaki and modanyaki style, so you can choose which style you want.
Green onions and okonomiyaki goes really well together, and "Gyu suji negi tsukimi tama" is a highly recommended by Fugetsu! It's basically a beef sinew with green onions and eggs.
Their yakisoba (stirred noodles with sauce/salt and vegetables) is also what you should try here. "Chanpon soba" is consisted of squid, shrimp, pork and beef, which is one of the most popular menus at Fugetsu.
Their teppanyaki menu is delicious too. They have "German potatoes", "corn with butter", and "garlic butter roll", etc. However the most popular teppanyaki menu is "Tonpeiyaki", which is a flat shaped crepe made with eggs, pork, sauce and mayo. Their "Mochi-cheese tonpei" is also a must-try too.
They also serve grilled squid legs with salt, long sausages, and grilled pork, squid and shrimp with salt, etc that you can grill and eat while you're waiting for okonomiyaki to be cooked.


Fugetsu is a wonderful place to try okonomiyaki when you are in Japan. Since it's a chain, the atmosphere is casual and you get to have delicious okonomiyaki for really reasonable price.
If you want to know more about Fugetsu, check out the link below!
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