Updated: March 09, 2020
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7 Selected Yakiniku Restaurants In Ikebukuro!


Yakiniku, or grilled meat, is one of the favorite cuisines in Japan for foreigners and for Japanese people alike. What's not to like about perfectly grilled slices of fine quality meat dipped in a rich tare sauce? If that makes you hungry, why not head to the Ikebukuro area to try one of these 5 selected yakiniku restaurants!

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Enjoy top-quality yakiniku at affordable prices at this counter seat yakiniku restaurant.

Misono specializes in Kuroge Wagyu, which the owner sources in large pieces from a local meat provider. He then takes out the hunk of meat and slices it for the customer upon ordering. You can look at all the various cuts of meat inside the case and decide what you want to order based on what looks good, or you can ask for an expert recommendation. The owner knows the ins and outs of every cut of meat and can tell you the characteristics of each.

Sumibiyakiniku Amon

Sumibiyaki Amon is a 7-minute walk from the West Exit of Ikebukuro Station. The place has a nice warm atmosphere. Open for lunch, you can get set meals for about 1,500 yen. You can have karubi (boneless short-ribs) or beef roast among other choices. Here they are very particular about the meat they use and they literally have a trophy prize to prove it! The meat is so tender once it is cooked that it melts in your mouth. The tare sauce is a little sweet but goes wonderfully well with the charcoal grilled yakiniku. Seasoning is close to what you would get to a Korean-style yakiniku. There is a spicy salad that is very good, and the kimchi is great as well. For a nice-size meal at night, expect to pay around 6,000 yen.


Seikoen is located just 2-minute walk from the West Exit of the station. It has a sister branch in Harajuku. If you happen to be really hungry outside of the crowded lunch or dinner hours, this place might be best for you. From 14:00-18:00, you can have the all-you-can-eat happy hour course in which you have 30 kinds of items to choose from for 1,980 yen! Drinks are 300 yen from 15:00-18:00. You can find good quality meats too such as black wagyu if you buy a la carte.

Yakiniku Wolf

Wolf is a 5-minute walk from the West Exit of Ikebukuro Station. For something really nice, you should get an all-you-can-drink course meal for 5,000 to 6,000 yen! Seems a bit expensive maybe, but what you get is truly out of the ordinary. The beef served is an A5 quality wagyu. You also get other high-grade cuts and many salad side dishes and vegetables. And you get to drink as much as you want from the restaurant's great selection of sakes, wines, cocktails, and beers!


Kurogo is a 5-minute walk from the North Exit of Ikebukuro Station. What is surprising here is that you can get top quality A5 grade wagyu (picture below) among other items on the expensive side of the menu and still get away with paying around 6,000 yen. Aside from the succulent meat, the tan tan men is said to be really good. As for the drinks, why not have a makkori (korean sake) for 600 yen? It goes really well with any yakiniku meal.


Sambariki is a 5-minute walk from the West Exit. This place specializes in horse meat. You can order it for grilling or for eating as sashimi. The sashimi plate shown below comes with tags identifying the cuts. A one person order is just 1,080 yen. If you want, you can grill these pieces too for a different taste. Eat them with garlic, leek, and dipped into a little soy sauce. Stews are very nice here as well.


This is a very special yakiniku restaurant where you can have a huge piece of sheep back that you slowly cook over the grill at your table if you order a course meal (¥3,980 or more). You can also order some other cuts in large pieces, and everything is pretty cheap considering the volume that you get. Add an all-you-can-drink option to your course meal for just an additional ¥1,000.


Yakiniku is just so fun to grill by yourself and it is so tasty when you have the chance to have it at good restaurants. The places mentioned here are really worth going to!

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