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Unique, Exciting, and Delicious Japanese Course Dinner at 808TOKYO in Roppongi! [PR]

Looking for a special dinner experience in Roppongi, Tokyo? 808TOKYO is a Japanese restaurant specialized in serving the creative Japanese dishes. We tried one of their course menu, which was beautiful, entertaining, and incredibly great.

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808TOKYO is a restaurant located near Roppongi Hills, 5 minutes walk away from Roppongi station. They offer a variety of creative Japanese dishes adapting contemporary cooking methods. There are table seats and also private rooms which are suitable for special situation such as date.

So, this time we ordered a course dinner (10000 yen) consisting of 9 dishes. Here is all we had!

1. Broccoli mousse

Made of layers of broccoli mousse, crab meat, fresh broccoli, sea urchin, and caviar. It didn't just look beautiful, but also tastes amazing. Rich flavors of each ingredient spread our mouth.

2. Seasonal fish and dashi stock

A summer seasonal fish called "Ainame (鮎魚女)" was served in a dashi (Japanese cooking stock made from seaweed). Matsutake mushrooms and some vegetables were topped on it. They created the elegant flavor.
Finger lime, or also known as caviar lime, was served on the side. The refreshing flavor added a kick to the dish.

3. Smoked bonito

They brought a dome-shaped glass filled with smoke. They opened it in front of our eyes and soon the appetizing smell came out.
Then they served a plate of three kinds of sliced fish including the smoked bonito.
All the fish were aged for a few days to enhance the taste and texture.

4. Grilled fish and veggies

The plate had a grilled eel, eggplant, edamame, and sanma fish (saury). The fish were nice and fluffy. Miso dipping sauce especially went well with the eel and eggplant.

5. Abalone croquette with truffle

The creamy croquette is made from abalone and cheese. It came with a dip sauce and a slice of truffle on the top.

6. A plate of 7 kinds of appetizer

This beautiful plate consisted of 7 kinds of appetizers which went well with sake. I liked the foie gras pickled in soy sauce (the bottom one). It was very rich and nicely salty.
They had a nice selection of sake, so we asked their recommendations. All sake tasted totally different and went well with the dishes.

7. Grilled pork

The salted and grilled Iberian pig was very juicy and flavorful. The brown sauce was made from mushrooms.

8. Chicken rice with truffle

Rice and chicken were cooked in the earthen pot.
The staff mixed the rice on the table and served in the small bowls for individuals.
Then, surprisingly they shredded truffle on our bowl! It was the most luxurious rice bowl I had ever had.
After enjoying the chicken rice with the elegant taste of truffle, we put a soup made from chicken broth. It is a Japanese comfort dish called "ochazuke".

9. Dumpling with mango and plum

The dessert plate was first covered with a big leaf topped with soda and a kind of plant called junsai, or water shield.
Carefully poured the liquid into the plate of a white dumpling called shiratama, mango, plum, and black currant jelly. The dumpling was soft and fluffy. It was not too sweet and refreshing dessert.

That's all! Such a fun and delicious dinner it was!

We had a really good time at 808TOKYO. If you want to experience delicious, unique, and refined Japanese dishes, we recommend to visit the restaurant. You will have an unforgettable dining experience.
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